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The Collection Calls

When Mischke started up his internet webcast (In the Stream) with City Pages, he set up a new phone line to interact with callers.  Apparently, whoever had this phone number before Mischke had a little trouble with money because the phone line received numerous calls from debt collectors -- most any hour of the day.  Thankfully, Tommy knew just how to deal with them!  What follows below is a compilation of the best of those Collection Calls.  Based on listener response, these segments have proven to be among the most popular sound bytes of Mischke's career.

I Wanna See What it Feels Like to be Bad  2:23

Don't Be Mad!  3:23

I Haven't Been Able to Remember Shit Today...  7:30

I Think He Might Be Sleeping Now  4:49

I Can't Get Out of this Room!  2:09

The Purple Man is Here!  2:12

No Need to Apologize  8:47

How Many Chickens do I Owe?  11:02