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Most Frequently Requested Bits

I've suddenly realized that mischkemadness has become a little unwieldy to navigate. Literally hundreds and hundreds of clips have been posted and people are sometimes having trouble finding what they are looking for. This page won't solve all the problems, but should save some hassle for the drive-by Mischke fan. On this page, you will find the absolute classics -- the Mischke standards -- and the most frequently requested bits. Please understand, this page will obviously be missing some bits you think deserve to be here, but the whole thing is rather subjective. I'm going to post clips here only very sparingly, so we don't end up with a big mess of clips where it's hard to find what you're looking for. That would kind of defeat the whole purpose of the page. Clips posted on this page will mainly be based on Mischke's perception of what his audience is most often looking for.

The Mischke Poem This is the infamous poem that first aired many, many years ago, when Mischke's old college roommate called in to present his masterpiece. Tom was so impressed with the piece, that he had his friend come in to the studios to record the nice clean version we have all become so familiar with. This very poem inspired an extremely odd call that you can find at the top of Page 3 of the Mischke Broadcast Archives -- Loopy Lorna. 2:34

The Saga of Blow Zephyr and Al Mischke takes on the role of weatherman extraordinaire, Blow Zephyr, and has some of the most interesting conversations you've ever heard -- all with a poor unsuspecting fellow named Al. 2 HOURS

Paul Harvey's Bong Hello Americans! This is Paul Harvey. 1:18

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald In this sound byte, Mischke describes how a classic bit from years ago came about. He was interviewing a shipwreck expert about the tragedy of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and this is just something that has to be heard to even be understood. What makes this whole thing even more bizarre, is the call that Mischke receives after replaying the old interview. An extremely irate listener is none too happy with Mischke and isn't afraid to let him know it. 13:00

Campground Terrorist For awhile, this was rumored to be the very first Lukey call--back when the little fella was only four years old. But, Luke himself claims he did not make this call. Irregardless, it is a very entertaining call from a very talkative youngster. 3:58

R. T. Rybak's Radio Wreck This is a call from just a couple of weeks ago, but I just had to post it because it was one of the most bizarre moments in Mischke Broadcast history. 9:38

Tommy's Take on National Tragedy This cut is from the beginning of the Mischke Broadcast on the infamous date of 9/11/2001. The World Trade Center in New York City had been destroyed earlier in the day and, needless to say, all radio and television broadcasts were thrown aside as endless news reports demanded our attention. Oddly enough, the Mischke Broadcast still took to the airwaves that horrible night. Mischke gave an elegant monologue to start the show and then stepped aside to let his callers vent their anger, talk about their fears, or just express their sorrow. 11:11

Dale's Tragic Death Tom exposes the sick side of American Capitalism. This call literally takes place just a few months after Dale Earnhardt's death back in 2001. 6:48

How to be an Internet Millionaire! Tom interviews a Get-Rich-Quick Scamster and has a little fun with the guy! 14:11

Messin' with Paul Brand The infamous prank that Mischke pulled on fellow radio host Paul Brand! 8:51