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The Top Eleven Bits in Mischke Broadcast History (according to a fan)

SPECIAL NOTE:  These top eleven Mischke Moments are NOT endorsed by Tommy Mischke or anyone else at WCCOThese are the top eleven bits only in my own warped mind.  Mischke has his own favorites (none of which I've included), WCCO has their own and each listener has a completely different idea of what constitutes the "Best of Mischke".  Please keep this in mind as you listen to my own personal picks.

(Click on the link for the actual sound clip in mp3 format)

#11 Basketball Miracle

#10 Raging Gloria

#9 Vogel and Mischke

#8 Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin Scandal

#7 New Hampshire is Number Two

#6 Funny Fred

#5 Win A Dirigible

#4 Mirrored Shower Doors

#3 School is Closed

#2 He's Special

#1 I Was Talking to My Wife!