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The Sweet Sounds of Sluder

Sometime, deep in the Spring of 2012, a man by the name of Victor Sluder made a call to the Nite Show.  He was rambling on about some political matter, but Mischke soon recognized the voice as that of a man that he had interviewed -- more than a decade ago.  The voice is distinctive and unmistakable.  From the original interview, Mischke remembered that Victor had mentioned some sort of musical invention -- an idea he was working on that was sure to make him millions.  It involved a speaker system that sent a musical tune around the room, but for some reason, it didn't pan out.

But, this didn't dampen Victor's spirits in the least.  He was (and is) confident in his ability to produce the world's greatest music.  Victor specializes in taking songs in the public domain and then adding his own original lyrics -- a surefire formula that is destined to shake the music world to its very core.  Unfortunately, very few have yet to recognize the genius in Victor's work.  But undaunted by years of cold indifference from the music industry, Victor continues with his musical endeavors and mechanical inventions.  This 83 year old prodigy only hopes to achieve the fame and recognition that he so richly deserves, before he rides off into the sunset of his life.  This page is dedicated to Victor and is meant to help the public discover and recognize the work of our very own modern day Chopin.  Enjoy.

Rediscovering Victor  In the Spring of 2012, a man by the name of Victor gives a call to talk some politics.  But a few minutes into the call, Mischke suddenly suspects that this is a man he had spoken with years ago -- perhaps even a decade ago -- and had even interviewed.  Victor confirms that he is indeed that same person and this ends up being the start of a beautiful relationship between Victor and the Nite Show.

Jazzy Wails  Victor discusses the genesis of his masterpiece "Jazzy Wails", which can be found on iTunes.  Please go and purchase it.  Immediately.

A Halloween Song  This is a sample from the Halloween Collection -- a conglomeration of songs that is considered to be amongst Victor's very best.

A Glimpse of the Inspiration  This is a rare call in that we finally learn some personal details about Victor's past.  We get a glimpse into the inspiration behind his music.

Victor - Your Average American  Tommy needs to hear from an average American.  Who else could that possibly be, besides Vic??

Halloween Songs and the Frisbee  Victor calls in to discuss his Halloween songs, but that ends up taking a backseat to everything else when we suddenly learn that Victor is the man behind the frisbee!!

The Great iTunes Mystery  Victor is puzzled because he has now been on a major market 50,000 watt radio station for several months -- and he has yet to sell a single song on iTunes.  How is that even possible?!

Victor and One Eyed Jack  One Eyed Jack calls in with a generous offer for Victor, but our man Vic doesn't quite see it the same way...

Entertaining Pauly  This is a message 90 year old Pauly left on Mischke's home answering machine -- after hearing the prior call between One Eyed Jack and Vic.

How Deep a Night  Tim Olson professionally records one of Victor's classics and this is the result.  This is the very first time one of Victor's songs has actually had the music AND the lyrics put together -- in one recording.  Enjoy.

Victor's Response  After hearing Tim Olson's rendition of his classic, Victor calls in to give his assessment.

Victor is a thinker and a planner.  When he began his musical career, he soon realized that what he had was better than anything else out there.  It wasn't a question of "if" this music would become famous and world renowned -- it was only a matter of "when".  As a result, he recorded under several pseudonyms to help retain his anonymity (which will be needed, once the world discovers the genius of his music).  The only downside to this is if you want to try and listen to Victor's work, it involves quite a bit of sleuthing on the internet -- whether you're on iTunes, YouTube or Craigslist.  Some of Victor's nom de plumes include:  Bob Lagato, Artie Toot, Acapella Fella, Alec Sander, and Java Joe.  Immediately below, I'm providing some links to some of Victor's work, but there is sure to be much more treasure out there -- if only you can discover it...

Victor's Internet Links

Acapella Fella at the Coffee Club Room  See the man himself as he belts out a tune!

Artie Toot's Channel on YouTube  Vic's personal YouTube channel.

"Jazzy Wails" on iTunes  Victor's tune is at the top of this page and is available for purchase.

"How Deep a Night" on YouTube  Tim Olson puts forth a classic -- "Victor-Style".  You can hear the music and see the lyrics -- then you're just supposed to sing along on your own.  This is the method of presentation Victor prefers when publicizing his music.

Victor Sluder on Facebook  Go and friend him!  Before it fills up!!

"Organ Grinder" on iTunes  Vic's invention - a Matrix to send music around the room.  In other words, modulating a circular sound stage.  Give a listen yourself!

Victor's Blog  Victor's blog that highlights some of his finest work.