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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

Mr. Yuk The Mr. Yuk sticker is celebrating its 35th anniversary and Tommy can't help but fondly remember the "Mr. Yummy" sticker he and his friends created years ago. 2:20

Fake 911 Calls A teenage girl decides to have a little fun with the 911 dispatchers -- to the tune of over a thousand prank calls. 2:52

Minske Sucks Victoria calls in and lets the audience in on a little secret. Tommy and his show are all right, but that Minske fellow -- he sucks. 3:54

North Dakota -- The State with Everything If you're looking for the one state in the union that has it all -- look no further than North Dakota. 11:33

Tough Teachers Not all teachers are mamby-pambies that give no homework and everyone gets A's. Some are tougher than a drill sergeant at boot camp. 4:39

T.D. Mischke -- Your Go To Hitler Guy If you have any questions about Mr. Hitler, Tommy is your guy. 3:49

The Real James Bond Turns out that Roger Moore does not like guns at all. In fact, it turns out that Mr. Moore is an all together different character than the man he portrayed on the big screen. 1:39

Why am I on the Air?! A caller calls in to the Broadcast, but she apparently has no clue about what usually happens when you call in to a radio station. 0:22

Homestead Mortgage -- Willing to Go the Extra Mile Homestead Mortgage is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy -- even if it's legally, ethically or morally wrong. 2:14

Slacker City Workers Some city workers had a grand master plan of working six minutes per day and then spending the rest of their shift in various local restaurants. But somehow, their brilliant plan was thwarted. 3:03

The Do's and Don'ts of Dating Mischke lets the audience in on some of the basic do's and don'ts of dating. 2:11

Calor-Slim 2000 Calor-Slim 2000 targets fat and flushes it right out of your body. When Tommy hears about this great product, he can't help but immediately call in an order. 7:04

The Only Way to Fly When planning your next trip, make sure to keep a certain East-Indian low cost airline in mind... 2:21

Disturbing Dolls A little girl's birthday party is ruined when she gets a new dolly that turns out to swear like a sailor. 2:10

A Hostile Takeover It's Friday night and Tommy's a little bored, so he decides to take over the girlie station -- FM 107. Within minutes, Mischke has booted Lori and Julia out of their studio. Left with no other option, the ladies head on over to AM 1500 and take over the Mischke Broadcast. 18:24

Insanely Inane Mischke This is just another great call from one of my new favorites on the Mischke Broadcast -- Victoria. 3:44

The Ugly American For some odd reason, the American tourist is not highly regarded in most foreign nations. 3:09

The Beer Church Mischke has finally found his spiritual home in the Church of Beer. 5:34

Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe Tommy confronts Mortuary Bob with the fact that he might be just a little "different". 6:08

Sick Worker Syndrome My chronic condition has finally been recognized by the American Medical Association. 1:16

Do You Have the Time? A simple question turns into a philosophical discussion. 3:49

The Amityville Pig Remember the Amityville Horror from back in the '70's?? Well, all I can say is -- beware of the pig. 2:16

The Freakin' Liberals A fellow is making his first call ever to the talk station. Luckily, he's got Mischke to help him out -- to guide him in terms of what you should say when calling in to a right wing radio station in the heartland of the good ol' US of A. 2:00

Sick of the News Tom Garrison is filling in on news because John Height is "sick". Yeah, that's it -- he's sick. Garrison is not so sure Johnny is telling the truth, so Mischke calls John at his home and confronts him over the phone. 9:06

Deformities The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency wants to hear from you if you've come across any deformed frogs. Mischke has some deformities to report, so he fulfills his duty as a citizen and gives them a call. 5:02

Feel Better About Yourself If things just aren't going your way and life has you down in the dumps, you can always check in with Dear Abby and at least feel a little bit better about your situation. In this sound byte, we hear Tom reading a couple of doozies from our old friend's column. 5:17

Preneolithic Island It turns out that there is one preneolithic tribe left in the world. They live on a remote Asian island and are rumored to be hostile to all outsiders. Mischke has a couple of great ideas in terms of what we could do with the island. 4:18

A Bus Driver's Burden A bus driver is having a particularly difficult day. Throughout the day, it is one minor incident after another. Nothing too major by itself, but when you add them all together, it's enough to make any bus driver snap. 10:19

What a Nightmare Towards the end of an unusually dismal Mischke Broadcast, Tom finds himself wishing the show was already over and gets a little stir-crazy. 2:48

Medical Hair Loss Restoration An employee for a medical hair restoration company mistakenly calls in to the broadcast. But our boy Mischke -- always ready for any situation -- assumes the identity of Bob and inquires about possible solutions to his "hair problem". 3:23

Rage Tommy is giving away a four-pack of tickets to the Nosebleed Suite at Midway Stadium. All you have to do is call in and display your rage and one guy does just that -- for over three minutes! 17:05

Dating a Sex Offender As part of a teen-aged sex offender's sentence, he is ordered to warn the parents of anyone he dates about his conviction. Mischke imagines what it must be like for this fella when he meets the parents... 4:53

Extreme Commutes It seems with increased traffic and everyone moving to the suburbs, the commute to work is getting longer and longer. Tommy gives his listening audience a first hand look at the hell he goes through every day -- just to get to work. 7:48

Horseplay Some foolhardy folks dabble in a little horseplay -- with deadly results. 5:04

Amputee News Mischke plays to the market segment that is too often ignored these days -- the amputee crowd. 5:11

The Reality of Death Thankfully, it appears unlikely that an interstellar death ray will destroy planet Earth. The only downside is that it looks like there are over eight billion other ways to die. What's even more unfortunate, is that it appears one of those eight billion other ways to die, will catch up with each and every one of us one day. 3:44

The Second Commandment A Grand Rabbi of Israel urges parents to cut off an arm or a leg of any doll, teddy bear or action figure their kid might own. This will help cut down on that idolatry bugaboo. 3:13

Uncle Stan Everyone has the one uncle that's just a little "out there." In this bit, Tommy tells us what it was like to grow up around his Uncle Stan. 4:01

The Afterlife For some people, it just turns out that the afterlife is not all that it's cracked up to be. 2:55

The Jet Towel There is now a "jet towel" that can dry your hands in six seconds. What in the world?! Was there a big problem when it took forty seconds to dry your hands? Tom ponders the life of the person who felt we just had "too much downtime" with the 40 second hand drying. 4:30

The Powerful Penny One unfortunate lady makes the discovery that even in this day and age, the penny still means something. 3:11

Men and their Cars You better treat your car well and treat your car right. Too many years of abuse and neglect can make a car turn on you. 6:17

Live Free or DIE!! New Hampshire has a brand new state slogan -- but it is somewhat disturbing. 3:51

Having a Blast at the Wedding A happy couple are getting married, but the bride has an old boyfriend in attendance and he is none too happy with the situation... 3:43

What Time is it?! Any radio broadcaster worth his salt has to be aware of the clock at all times.  This means trouble for Tommy because he's got a studio full of clocks and none of them seem to agree. 1:56

Panic in the Plane As a general rule, when there's smoke in the cockpit -- there's also panic in the plane. 4:15

Spying on the Pope It turns out that even the Pope isn't safe from the prying eyes of Russian spies. 3:26

Recycled Toilet Water Water is precious in California -- so precious that they are forced to drink some pretty strange things.  Tommy imagines some of the great concoctions a bartender could make with recycled toilet water as a main ingredient. 2:10

Stranger in a Strange Land Mischke relays a very strange and disturbing story about his travels in Yugoslavia. 6:16

Finding God God has finally been found and it turns out he was hanging out in a most unexpected place. 6:04

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.