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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

How's Your Life Going? Tommy starts off the program with a few basic questions. 0:52

Diversity Week The Minnesota Twins are celebrating diversity week with some rather interesting promotions. 0:28

Criminal Justice T.D. Mischke claims that we are the least sane nation on Earth when it comes to capital punishment. If you give a listen to his arguments, it is difficult to disagree with that conclusion. 9:02

Depression Humor Tommy is working on a new book filled with nothing but that good ol' depression humor. 1:39

Achieving Godhood It seems scientists can do almost anything these days. They're making stars, achieving incredibly high temperatures, making ball lightning, and so on. It doesn't seem they have much further to go until they possess all the same powers as God Himself. 2:49

A Clerical Error A local animal shelter is taking care of a fellow's dogs, but they end up making a rather unfortunate "clerical error". 2:42

Mozart's Skull Scientists have located Mozart's skull, but this just begs the question -- how did it get separated from the rest of him in the first place?? 6:22

Wacky Water It turns out that water can run uphill. Tom explores some of the other wacky and strange things that water is capable of. 3:31

The Philosophical Meaning Behind Awful T.V. There's an awful lot of awful T.V. out there -- but why?! For ten million dollars, Mischke explores this very issue with an unsuspecting fellow. 12:26

The Acorn and the Undertaker This is a classic phone call from Undertaker Fred that took place around 1996 or so. At one point during Fred and Tommy's conversation, Mischke suddenly asks Fred about the strangest thing he's ever done. Well, Fred gives an answer, and I can vouch that it was indeed probably the strangest thing he had ever done. In fact, it is probably one of the strangest things anyone has ever done! 5:30

Gay People are very Sissy Vladimir calls in to the Broadcast and has a few choice words for Tommy and all the other gays out there. 3:56

Mischke on Strike The Mischke Broadcast begins airing, but the host is nowhere to be found. It turns out he is on strike and refuses to return to the show until he gets the raise he deserves. 9:15

The Birds and the Bees Victoria calls in and offers to teach Mischke all about the birds and the bees. 2:16

Hitler's Home Movies A man suddenly remembers that he "happens to have" some home movies featuring that crazy character -- Adolf Hitler. He would have shown them to the world earlier, but it just kind of slipped his mind. 3:30

I Can't Talk About It I'd like to tell you what this clip is all about -- but I really can't talk about it. 3:53

Dr. Laura Many years ago, Dr. Laura used to also air on AM 1500 KSTP. In this clip, Mischke shares his personal feelings about his fellow radio talk show host. 4:11

On the Cutting Edge Jay Kolls is doing a personal endorsement for a product when Mischke suddenly decides to help out and throws in his own two cents. 1:00

Extreme Sports Seems like everyone is into "Extreme Sports" these days. You hear about extreme marathons, extreme bikers, extreme swimmers and so on. Mischke scoffs at these so called "extremists" and regales his audience with some of his truly extreme activities. 8:58

Stay Outta My House Tommy opens the broadcast with a word of warning and tries to reason with some of his more "fanatic" listeners. 1:29

Success '98 Business Seminar Back in 1998, some of you may remember the highly popular business seminars that Mischke used to put on. In case you weren't around back then -- here is what you missed. It's comforting to know that when Tommy is finally fired from his radio gig, he'll always have his business acumen to fall back on. 8:53

The Head of Homeland Security Oddly enough, the head of Homeland Security happened to phone in to the Broadcast one night... 2:23

Ya Idiots Mischke finds himself wishing he could have been on the deck of the Titanic when that infamous ship went down. He would have had a few choice words for the bumbling idiots that were masquerading as "sailors". 8:23

Tom and Nancy Mischke has probably had a dozen different newscasters appear on his program, but none seem to have the rapport that Tommy shares with Nancy Fox. This sound byte is a great example of how Mischke and Nancy are able to play off of each other and entertain the audience with just a regular, run-of-the-mill, meandering conversation. 10:31

The Mocker The tables are turned on Tommy, as he is torn apart by a vicious caller. 0:38

Right Wing Radio This is the controversial bit that actually landed Mischke in some hot water with The Secret Service.  During the bit, Mischke suddenly takes on the role of a typical right wing radio talk show host.  He laments the Oklahoma City bombing (which had just recently taken place) and says something to the effect of it being the right idea -- but the wrong place.  The very next day, the Secret Service actually showed up at the station to ask a few questions of management and Mischke.  Also of note is Mischke making a call to some national radio talk show and continuing to play the part of a right wing extremist.  Very funny stuff. 11:09

The Parachute Jump The date was September 11th and Mischke found himself experiencing one of the most profound moments of his life.  Oddly enough, it was four years before THE September 11th you're probably thinking of...  In this case, I'm talking about September 11, 1997 -- the date Mischke made his very first (and only) parachute jump.  This sound file is the unedited master tape of the event, some of it never before aired. 24:52

Bull Crap Money Grab A simple ten dollar parking fine suddenly turns into an all out war with a local city government. 5:26

On Hold with NSP Tommy is experiencing some strange power issues at the house, so he gives a call to NSP (the predecessor to X-Cel Energy -- the Twin Cities local power company).  Of course, Tommy got through right away, but then had to suffer through a pain that we're all too familiar with -- waiting on hold. 8:35

The Joy of Six Listen up -- six simple steps to land a lover! 8:46

The Secret to A.A. Over the course of a phone call, we learn all about the secret behind A.A.'s successful 12 step program. 9:15

Unusual Skydivers Heck, even T.D. Mischke has jumped out of an airplane!  You just never know who'll be next in line to take the big leap. 2:50

Tommy on the Spot The date is November 4, 1998 -- America's national elections have just taken place and the world is stunned.  A former professional wrestler by the name of Jesse Ventura has just been elected to Minnesota's highest office -- the Governor of Minnesota.  Most of the national news media is scrambling to speak with anyone from Minnesota, so Tommy decides to oblige them and gives a call to a radio station out in Detroit. 6:43

Summit Parents shouldn't really be pushing beer on the youngsters, but -- in a way -- it's almost understandable at times. 2:21

Cat Urine A couple moves into their brand new home, only to find out that a cat or two or thirty-eight just might have been living there first. 3:15

Louie Says You're a Liar Some grade school punk has the gall to call Mischke a liar. 1:23

Air Bags Air bags??!!  We don't need no stinkin' air bags! 1:36

Harry Chapin In a strange turn of events, the spirit of Harry Chapin suddenly takes over the Broadcast. 9:04

The Most Physically Distinct Governor Tommy discusses Minnesota's most physically distinct governor -- but oddly enough, it's probably not the fella you're thinking of. 2:23

I'm Going with Homestead This is the commercial that finally convinced me that I should really be going with Homestead Mortgage. 1:29

The Silent Treatment One of the most infamous Mischke Broadcasts is the one where Mischke doesn't say a word for the entire show.  Unfortunately, a recording of that show has not yet been discovered.  But, this sound clip is very similar to what happened on that historic night -- except on a smaller scale.  Mischke grew disgusted with a caller, fell silent, and then didn't say a word.  The silence grew deafening and callers were randomly thrust into (and jettisoned out of) the ether. 13:08

Interviewing the Deaf Tom Mischke puts out some of the most fascinating interviews you could ever hope to find.  But, even the great ones slip up from time to time.  During this interview, Tommy neglects to take into account one "minor" little detail... 10:06

Jim the Cabby Jim the Cabby is picking up a fare and Tommy does his best to warn the unsuspecting passenger. 4:57

Kenny Roadside Olson For the past couple of years or so, Kenny Olson has been handling the traffic reports at KSTP.  Around twelve years ago, he also used to produce a show (at KSTP) for Bob Yates.  He's been one of the few to get fired and then successfully come crawling back for more work.  Thankfully, AM 1500 did take him back because it's always fun to hear Kenny and Tommy have one of their conversations. 4:57

18 is Old Enough Mischke figures if you're old enough to die for your country, then you're sure as hell old enough to have a beer. 1:21

What Tom's Next Move Should Be Mischke is rather concerned about Tom Cruise.  Mr. Cruise has just been fired from Paramount Pictures and Mischke is bound and determined to figure out what Tommy's next move should be. 3:23

The Mischke Time Slot This is a very interesting sound clip because way back in 1998, a listener calls in and asks Mischke if he would rather work drive time -- if he had the choice.  Now it's 2006 and Mischke is working drive time, something that still surprises me to this day.  Given that he is working the slot now, it is quite interesting to hear Tommy's thoughts on the subject -- eight years before the big change... 5:59

Good Friday Humor It's Good Friday, so (of course) Tommy's got his Good Friday humor ready to go. 3:43

Clinton's Master Plan Bill Clinton is finally exposed for the conniving bastard that he really is.  He was mired in a sex scandal, caught in some lies, perjured himself and then was finally impeached.  But the sad thing is that this was all just part of his genius master plan.  He had been playing us like a fiddle all along! 10:36

Mr. Humble This is a great call to listen to, just because the caller is so gosh darn humble.  Well, I take that back -- the call wasn't exactly great, but it was pretty darn good.  I mean, I've made better calls than that, but it wasn't bad for this guy.  It's tough to beat me as a caller because I'm better than Undertaker Fred or Roz or even Al.  That's just the fact, Jack. 9:56

Did I Mention We're on the Air??! Mischke calls a friend and makes the "minor" mistake of forgetting to tell the friend that they are on the air! 4:57

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.