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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

A New Beginning After a 13 year absence, Mischke makes a return to drivetime radio, a slot he has not occupied since the glory days with Don Vogel. This particular sound byte immortalizes a new beginning for the Mischke Broadcast -- complete with a new theme song -- courtesy of the Doors. These days you can find Mischke airing live from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M., Central Standard time. This clip was recorded on Tuesday, January 3, 2006, during Mischke's opening moments in the new time slot. 11:27

Little Luke and the Ladies Our favorite ten-year-old gives a call to the Broadcast, but tonight is a little different. Tonight, Lukey is sharing the airwaves with fellow classmates, Abby and Tori. As the call progresses, things begin to spiral out of control until it finally reaches an unfortunate point where Mischke has to jettison some callers and Little Lukey ends up in a timeout. 9:31

Great Grandma One night, Great-Great Grandma Jay-Jay decides she needs to mail something out to Mischke. She calls in for the address, which sounds simple enough, until you realize Jay-Jay is a 95-year-old lady who is hard of hearing and easily confused. 7:35

Hostile Phone Calls Mischke takes phone calls of all sorts -- including hostile ones. 0:25

Dear Abby A lady writes in to Dear Abby with "the" problem that has plagued women throughout the centuries. 7:58

Emergency Broadcasting System Once every month or so, every broadcast station is required to test the Emergency Alert System, otherwise known as EAS. On this particular night, Mischke is awaiting the start of this test and the thing finally begins -- but it occurs during a most unusual portion of the program. 6:05

Oswald Rods A lady in Alaska has some questions about her curtain rods, so she tries to give a call to J.C. Penneys, but makes the unfortunate mistake of dialing in to the Broadcast. 4:19

Chiropractic Quacks While talking with Nancy Fox, Tommy questions the legitimacy of chiropractors and relays an interesting story from his childhood. 6:17

Squirrel Book Author Mischke interviews an author who wrote an entire book dealing solely with squirrels -- the Monkeys of the Midwest. 5:54

The Absolute Best of Mischke You've been searching for years and now you've finally found it. Enjoy the absolute best of the Mischke Broadcast. 0:23

What the Hell Do You Think I Should Do Abby?! A desperate (and I mean desperate!) father turns to Abby for some advice. 2:58

Ruining Greg's Image One of the newsmen at AM 1500 is a very likable fellow by the name of Greg Magnusson. Mischke describes him as "the type of father you would see in a Hallmark Hall of Fame Holiday Special". You know, the perfect guy who has it all together and exudes nothing but warmth and honesty. Anyway, in this clip, Mischke asks Greg to do him a small favor by taking a few "small steps" to try and ruin the image. 6:56

The Goosestepping Gestapo The World Cup Finals are being held in Germany this year and local authorities will not be putting up with any shenanigans from the Brits! 4:52

Shake It Off! An eleven-year-old boy has an unfortunate encounter with a truck that accidentally runs over his head. Luckily, the youngster has a supportive father that provides some unconditional care and love to help pull through the tragedy. 1:55

Deliverance Revisited Gullible Laura comes through and delivers yet another stunningly odd call to the Mischke Broadcast. 4:45

Ridiculing the Sick Despite his best efforts, Tommy has trouble restraining himself at times. 1:06

Little Sir Echo An interesting version of a classic -- as sung by one T.D. Mischke and one Undertaker Fred. 0:39

Every Day is Valentines Day A listener calls in with some "original" thoughts about the Holiday of Love. 1:33

Tough Times for the Toddler A poor child is born into the world with some serious handicaps -- but hope springs eternal... 2:11

Secret Climate Pact The U.S. has refused to sign on to the Kyoto Climate Protocol, which seems like a harsh stand to take against the world -- until you realize America is actually working on an "even better" top secret climate pact. Yay America! I knew George wouldn't let us down. 4:29

Maggot Fare A German restaurant decides their menu needs a little "something different". 3:45

Nordic Music Nordic music is finally gaining the recognition it deserves and is poised to take the world by storm. 3:19

Fred and the Freakin' Whores Apparently, Mr. Rogers got a little weird at times. 5:16

Which Hemisphere? Tommy gives a call to 411 because he's trying to track down his old friend, Dave Thadwacker. Mischke doesn't have a city or a state and -- unfortunately -- he's not even sure which hemisphere ol' Dave resides in. 9:39

Bizarre Bids Greg Magnusson comes to the airwaves with an interesting news story about a web site that lists the oddest things up for auction at e-bay. Of particular interest is the bidding for a "slut undressing to the song of your choice". Mischke considers putting in a bid, as he already has the perfect song picked out for such an occasion. 5:51

Traffic with Jim Crow It's time for your traffic report with Kooky Klansman Kenny. 7:48

Jim Crow Faces the Music Kenny is back with traffic -- and it's time to atone for his sins. 7:21

You Won the Corvette! Mischke helps a caller play a cruel practical joke on his brother. 4:07

Furious Fred Undertaker Fred gives a call and decides he's going to start calling the shots on the Broadcast. When Mischke refuses to let him do so, Fred's nose gets a little out of joint and he's not afraid to let Tommy have it. 2:12

Slap Happy Sharon It seems Larry King was taking quite a bit of punishment from an upset Sharon Stone, at an after Grammy Party. 2:28

Calling Hitler Road It turns out that Ohio actually has a road called Hitler Road. Of course, Mischke can't resist and he calls directory assistance to try and find Jim White on Hitler Road. 4:08

The Worst Story You've Ever Heard The purpose of this website is to try and bring you the very best of the Mischke Broadcast. But please forgive and indulge me while I present what could possibly be the worst story to ever air on the radio. This story is so horrendously bad, boring and pointless -- it's so bad that I felt it just had to be preserved for future generations to marvel at. 5:14

A Fine Summer Night It's a fine summer night and Mischke begins another show by taking us on a tour of the city -- a tour brought to life with vivid descriptions and an almost poetic use of words. This clip makes it obvious that Mischke once held another job as a writer -- many years ago... 8:12

Pranking the Ladies In his youth, Tommy enjoyed having the ladies over, pouring them a little wine, leading them to the bedroom -- and then pulling a classic prank -- a prank that we've all been guilty of pulling ourselves, at one time or another. 2:36

Some Interesting Callers Back when Mischke worked the late night hours, he would get some very "interesting callers". This clip highlights just how odd it can get, with a couple of eccentric participants. 18:24

Revenge There once was a gentleman that enjoyed spending his afternoons at a nice gazebo in a park. He found this most enjoyable, until the lawn mowers would come out and purposely spray their grass clippings all over his clothes. This annoyed the fellow so much, that he decided it was time for a little revenge. 4:45

Should We Shoot Her? A 911 dispatcher has some helpful suggestions for a distressed mother. 2:16

A Trip to Oz Mischke talks with one of the Munchkins -- direct from the Lollipop Guild. 5:46

Undertaker Fred and his Wife This is a very rare call where we actually hear quite a bit from Fred's wife -- Bonnie. Usually, she is embarrassed by her husband's antics and is not much for talking on the radio, but Mischke is able to persuade her to spend a few minutes explaining to the listening audience what life is like with Undertaker Fred. 16:59

Shit Head Tommy likes to come up with nicknames for his producers, newscasters, and even frequent callers. So one late night, back in the nighttime hours, Mischke was talking with Greg Magnusson and decided he needed a nickname. Mischke ended up settling on a "most unfortunate" moniker, one that might not go over so well in the afternoon with the FCC. 3:23

Whoops-a-freakin'-daisy!! Mischke is talking with Nancy Fox when he suddenly commits the ultimate faux-pax for a professional radio broadcaster... 1:01

Fred and Al This is just a fun conversation to listen in on -- one featuring Undertaker Fred and good ol' Al -- together. 13:28

It Ain't Gonna Work Joe makes his first call to Mischke in the drivetime hours and it already sounds like he's had a few -- despite Mischke being on the air almost five hours earlier than he used to be. Joe has just realized that Mischke switched hours and he's got some bad news for Tommy -- the new hours are not going to work. 3:39

Stop Naked Aggression Some ladies are organizing a worldwide protest against war in Iraq -- and they plan to protest by taking off all their clothes. This angers Ed, who calls in to protest against the protest. Then Ed goes on to make his own protest and reveals the "evil Jewish plot" to support an American War against Iraq. 7:50

Sadistic Mother A gentleman relays the story of when he was just a lad and got stung eight times by an angry swarm of bees. Tommy wonders how the experience would have differed if this gentleman had had one of those "sadistic" mothers. 2:01

The Office Tommy makes an eloquent argument for why everyone needs an office. 12:35

Commercial Madness Thankfully, one of the better parts of the Mischke Broadcast is the commercials. Since we're forced to put up with the breaks, Tommy at least makes them entertaining for us poor listeners. In this segment, we get to hear Tommy make fun of one commercial and then he goes on to make one of his own odd pitches for yet another local company. 4:49

Undertaker Fred Throwing a Little Bit Too Much Dirt on the Show... The Mischke Broadcast is ending, and Undertaker Fred makes a final call to throw a little bit of dirt on the show. Unfortunately, the dirt keeps coming and coming and coming, even though the show has already ended! 1:24

Little Lukey Loses It Lukey is a ten-year-old kid that usually has it all together while he talks to Tommy. But during this call, little Lukey gets a case of the giggles and struggles to make it through the call. 2:45

Play Something Boy Tommy finds himself in the Deep South and learns there are just a few things you should not be saying in such a location... 1:58

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.