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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

Thoughts on Clinton This is yet another rare clip from the Mischke Broadcast. It is extremely unusual to hear Tom discuss politics--but in this clip, he presents the audience with a serious in-depth look at the Clinton presidency. 7:41

Cardboard Guns Tommy marvels at just how easy it is to rob a bank these days. 6:49

Inappropriate Bank Banter This is a call from an old regular that used to call in all the time-- Pot Belly Fred. In this clip, Fred relays the story of how he made some inappropriate comments at a bank and ended up getting reamed out by the bank manager. Then Mischke goes on to discuss some innocent slip-ups he himself has made at banks. 5:13

Mischke and his Dog Tommy wows the listeners with his dog's new tricks. 1:25

Subway Specialists Some Subway workers suddenly decide they are U.S. Treasury Officials and put the kabosh on a guy's five dollar bill. 2:35

Life in the Box Tom talks about the old days, back when he lived in a box. 9:08

Tommy's PSA Stations are required to air a certain number of Public Service Announcements throughout the day and it seems an inordinate amount of them are pushed off on Tommy's show. Mischke does his best to make them a little more enjoyable. 0:58

What a Mess! Joe calls in to lament the "messy" state of things. 1:06

A Kodiak Moment In this clip, we learn many interesting facts about Tommy's former producer--Kodiak--including the little tidbit that Kodiak has the Minnesota state record for the highest cholesterol level ever recorded--8,800!!! 5:07

Help from the Operator Mischke has some trouble with his phone, so he turns to the operator for help. 6:32

Hunting for Man As Woody Allen once said, "Comedy equals tragedy plus time". Sometimes, Tommy will push the envelope and forgets the "time" part of the equation. In this bit, Tom is joking about the fugitive Anthony Zappa and the hostage situation as it is taking place. It is a very funny bit complete with some phone calls--but the whole thing ends with a debate and a lot of upset listeners. Many wonder if Tom should even be joking about something like this. 23:44

The Wisdom of Children 12 year old Carly calls in to impart her "infinite wisdom" on world affairs. 6:10

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed. This is a young T.D. Mischke, back in the late '80's, calling in to the Don Vogel Show. 4:04 Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

The Good Padre Takes a Bride There is a lot of interest in this clip, so I've decided to post it--even though it originally aired just last week! Undertaker Fred calls in to the program and casually mentions that Ricky Rix just got married. The only problem is that Ricky Rix is more commonly knows as Father Ricky Rix-- a Catholic Priest out of St. Louis, Missouri!!! 25:37

Good Ol' Joe I love this particular call for a few reasons. One--Tom manages to crack Joe up within the first minute. Usually, any jokes or puns fly right over Joe's head, but he must not have been drinking as heavily this particular night. Two--Mischke goes overboard with some comments. Three--this is just the perfect example of a typical call from Joe. 7:33

Jack the Mad Moron Jack from Yankton, South Dakota calls in looking for an apology. Not only does he not get an apology--he also gets called a few names and ends the call about ten times madder than when he called in. I could be wrong on this, but I don't think I've ever heard Jack call back in to the Broadcast since... 3:18

Get the Hell to Bed! A 12 year old sissy-boy calls in to the Broadcast, so Tom puts him in his place. 2:33

Paul and his Palm Pilot Mischke is a little worried about Paul and all of his datebooks, calendars, appointments and Palm Pilots. He does his best to help the guy out. 2:03

Primal Dentistry T.D. shuns the current trend of "Gentle Dentistry". He makes the case for "Primal Dentistry"--a situation where it's just you and your dentist and a battle of wills. 5:31

Sara--Do the Dishes! A father calls in and wants Mischke to yell at his daughter. He feels she doesn't do a good job with the dishes and could use a lecture from Tommy. 1:47

Super Talk Squabble You may have heard about the recent event with the AM 1500 All-Stars and Sean Hannity. Well, every year they do a similar thing at the State Fair where all the talk show hosts are gathered together on one stage. In this clip, a little squabble breaks out and you hear Mischke trading barbs with Jason Lewis. 1:46

That Little Shit Tommy is in the middle of an ad when he is suddenly interrupted by the next commercial spot. This leads to a Mischke Meltdown and he is unable to continue with his personal endorsement. 1:30

The Screening Process As Tom sees multiple calls coming in to the studio--he begins to wonder why Boomer isn't letting anyone on the air. 1:53

Well, I Used to be Stupid Mischke makes an excellent argument for why we are all stupid. 1:01

Let's Speed it Up! Tom ponders about what could possibly be compelling people to race through life at break-neck speeds. 3:19

Calling Doug Peters Mischke attempts to phone some guy in Australia, but is unable to get the number through directory assistance. Instead, he settles on calling poor ol' Doug Peters from Wisconsin. 3:31

The Good Ol' Fake Suicide Gag! Poor old Ted picks up a gun that he thinks isn't loaded--and pulls the trigger. Whoops-a-freakin' daisy--I think you might be able to guess what happens next... 8:41

Better Go with Homestead Reason number 472 for why you should go with Homestead Mortgage. 1:00

Killer Turtle Tom learns of a killer turtle that managed to snuff out three people. He imagines how that whole scenario must have played out. 5:21

The Friendly Ron Smith Tommy decides to randomly call a Smith from a town in Kentucky that he had read about. The fellow he gets ahold of turns out to be one of the friendliest and most down to earth people you've ever heard of. By the end of their brief conversation, the two have become fast friends and Tommy even plans to pay a visit in the near future. 11:35

Talkin' Trash A school in Iowa paid $18,000 for four "talking" trash bins. T.D. contemplates about what these glorified garbage cans could have possibly said for that kind of money. 2:52

The True Meaning of Patriotism In the aftermath of 9-11, Mischke is a little disturbed by what so many Americans consider to be "patriotic". In this serious clip, Tom reminds the audience about the true meaning (and cost) of Patriotism. 5:07

Free Tickets! Tommy reads a news story about what events Americans would choose to attend--if they could receive free tickets for that event. Most of the choices seem rather obvious and logical, until a rather disconcerting choice pops up out of nowhere... 2:39

The Saddest Story You've Ever Heard Jack from Yankton calls in with what truly has to be the saddest story you have ever heard! 4:20

The Ceiling's Falling! Tom calls up a lovely woman who manages to perpetuate the stereotype of the drunken Irish! 1:16

Whitehead is Dead! Mischke continues to harass his old foe--John Whitehead. 0:58

Cocaine Tommy discusses the catch-22 of cocaine. People take it for the pure pleasure, but every snort has been proven to destroy the brain's pleasure cells. 4:13

The Couch and the Box Mischke's stomach violently churns at the thought of people spending a wonderful Friday evening--just sitting at home on the couch--watching some T.V. In fact, Tom considers taking drastic measures against anyone who would dare to disgrace a Friday night with such activities. 6:42

Vogel and Mischke! Due to an odd alignment of the Earth, Mars and Jupiter--I have suddenly found myself with a rare sound clip from the Afternoon Saloon with Don Vogel and Tommy Mischke! Before now, I had never heard these two together (aside from old Phantom calls) and now that I have finally heard something--it breaks my heart that so little of this stuff seems to be in existence. This particular sound clip is hilarious and also features another guy that AM1500 listeners will recognize--Kenny Olson--the traffic guy. Back then, Kenny was known as the Soul Man and did production work for various shows. It is especially fitting that I have something to finally post from this era--as we are coming up on the ten year anniversary of Don Vogel's death--June 5, 1995. I came to know Don Vogel's work only during the last couple of years of his life and his program was truly a joy to listen to. I only wish I had stumbled upon him earlier. Rest high Don Vogel... 6:48 Clip from the Afternoon Saloon--Originally aired December 26, 1992 My eternal gratitude goes out to Pete for both this clip and the next one!!

Phantom Caller Tribute After the untimely passing of Don Vogel---Bruce Gordon and David Ruth were putting on a tribute show when the subject of the Phantom Caller came up. During the show, a couple of Phantom clips were played and the Phantom Caller's true identity was finally revealed to the public. 4:11

Tommy and Computers Tommy and computers--these two do not work well together. If Tom had his way, radio broadcasting would be carried out today, much as it was back in the day of Eddie R. Murrow. But, alas, this is not the case. These days, Tom is stuck in a studio with a bunch of computers and we are all witnesses to the horror of one man's struggle against technology. 10:32

What's with the Brits?! With the release of the final Star Wars movie in full swing, I thought it was an appropriate time to post this clip. In this sound byte, Mischke talks about a new religion in England-- The Order of the Jedi Knight. 2:40

Responsibility Survey It turns out that American adults have more responsibilities these days than their parents ever did. Tom can sympathize with our plight. 1:22

Elijah Never Died--But Mischke Did Undertaker Fred passes along the startling fact that Elijah never died. 0:58

Talkin' with Vern Vern is a 78-year-old character that used to call in to the Mischke Broadcast every once in a great while. I have not heard him on the Broadcast for a few years--and this phone call provides a few clues as to why he perhaps no longer participates. 10:05

Short News Break News for the hurried. 0:31

Talking with Jason During the middle of one of Tommy's shows, he answered the phone cold and the guy on the other end was inquiring about how you get ahold of Jason Lewis to have a conversation off the air (Jason Lewis was a conservative talk show host at KSTP a few years back). Well, Tommy offered to give him Jason's home phone number, but actually gave the fella another phone number that would ring in the studio. You can probably guess what happened from there...6:48Warning: Lots of dead air in this clip--it makes sense when you hear it, but I'm just warning you so you don't give up early on a great bit!

Virginia's Phone Virginia calls in with the worst phone line in history. 1:21

The Smartest Guy in the World T.D. gives a call to a self proclaimed genius. 5:21

Ramblin' Fred Undertaker Fred calls in to the program and ends up rambling on a bit too much-- even too much for Tommy! 8:43

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.