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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

Mischke Calls Mischke Mischke calls in to the Mischke Broadcast. 2:10

Jail House Rock Tommy is great with the impromptu musical numbers, but here's one that gets really rockin'... 4:05

Accidents Will Happen An erratic driver hits a pedestrian, but doesn't realize her mistake until the police pull her over. 2:16

Shut Up Ya Little Freak! Tom gets a call and turns on some of that good ol' Mischke charm. 0:22

The Dumb, Stupid, Pitiful Jury A convicted murderer gets the chance to plead for his life with a jury of his peers.  Unfortunately, the poor fellow makes one small error while pleading his case... 3:54

Where's My Other Hand?! Tommy guarantees that if you go with R.F. Moeller Jewelers, you won't find a better deal for jewelry.  If you do find a better deal, Mischke will pay the difference, buy you lunch, and he'll let you do a whole bunch of other neat stuff. 2:38

Lame Limos When a kid goes overboard with a limousine for prom, at least you can rest assured that the kids will be safe while on the road.  That is, unless you go with this limousine service -- the one that employs drunks, quadriplegics and even a few lepers. 2:58

Mischke Flies Solo Back in the '90's, Mischke used to broadcast his show from the good ol' KSTP studios in Maplewood, Minnesota.  His show aired in the late evening hours, live off of the deep, dark and muddy ditches of Highway 61.  Due to the late hour, it was often just Tommy and his producer in the building.  In this particular clip, Mischke's producer was missing in action for some reason.  As a result, Tommy was handling all aspects of the show -- which included answering calls cold.  It is quite entertaining to listen to -- as Mischke rips through the callers one by one.  We also learn exactly why Tommy needs as a producer as some unexpected technical difficulties arise.  As the show is rapidly spiraling out of control, Tommy handles things much like a professional Vikings team in the Superbowl -- in other words -- he panics. 17:21

Tommy Gives Up the Smokes It's National Smoke Out Day, so Tommy decides maybe it's about time he gives up the smokes.  He knows it's not going to be easy and he might need a little support, so he gives a call to his local American Cancer Society. 10:18

Deja Vu For some reason, this call sounds vaguely familiar.  For some reason, this call sounds vaguely familiar.  For some reason, this call sounds vaguely familiar.  For some reason, this call sounds vaguely familiar. 4:44

Mischke -- the Biggest Sell-Out in the Twin Cities After years and years of working nights, Mischke suddenly finds himself working the day shift.  This has raised some controversy amongst his fans and this particular caller isn't afraid to call it like she sees it. 3:16

Quit Preaching This is an Undertaker Fred call from almost a decade ago, but it could have just as well happened last week.  It's the usual story, Fred calls in, he and Tommy chat, and then Fred ends up steering the conversation towards religion, God and Salvation.  This has always been a point of contention between Mischke and Fred.  I often wonder if Fred has just given up on saving Tommy and no longer sees a need to call in.  We miss you Fred!!  Come back!!! 2:17

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day Tom explains why Martin Luther King Day is his favorite holiday of the year. 1:46

No Justice -- No Peace!!! A fella out in California (Michael) attends a baseball game and is a little miffed when he is not offered a free tote bag.  All the women get free tote bags -- but all the men are left with nothing but sorrow.  Our pal Michael takes the matter to court -- and loses -- but he still just can't let go... 6:05

Bras and Unions Only Joe could have a conversation that is so divergent as to include both the subjects of bras and unions. 5:37

Luck Mischke argues there is no such thing as luck.  But as luck would have it -- whoops-a-freakin'-daisy -- he's wrong. 3:58

Tommy Loses a Friend Tommy outs a guy who has been telling a little fib. 16:36

Sid Hartman If you're from Minnesota, you know the name.  But if you're not from Minnesota, Sid Hartman is considered the senior, big-man-on-campus sports guy.  He has been the sports guy (in both television and the newspapers) for over sixty years, but a lot of people would say his reign has been about fifty-nine years too long.  For a few reasons why, give a listen to this clip. 5:43

Pannekoeken Restaurants Mischke is well known for his commercial endorsements -- no one can sell you on a product like Tommy.  This is a rare look at his very first account -- back in 1992.  Mischke was just beginning his radio career and worked as a sidekick to Don Vogel on the Afternoon Saloon.  In fact, in this clip, you can hear Vogel trying to mess with Tommy as he attempts to do a straight ad for Pannekoeken Restaurants. 2:12

Giddy Virginny Virginia was a regular caller to the Mischke Broadcast years ago.  If you happen to remember anything about her -- you're probably remembering that most of her calls were rather morose, sad and depressing.  Virginia was always a doom and gloom type of person.  What makes this clip so interesting was that Virginia was a completely different person for one brief glorious day.  The usually morose Virginia had turned into one of the happiest people in the world.  Heaven knows why this was the case, but oddly enough -- it was so. 4:50

Johnny Heidt -- the Sick and Twisted Freaky Newsman Newsman John Heidt is finally exposed as the sick and twisted freak he truly is. 5:34

The Ten Buck Stamp Mischke exposes the postal service and their diabolical plan to raise postal rates until they reach their ultimate goal -- the ten dollar postage stamp. 6:42

Brett Favre -- A Green Bay Embarrassment Newsman Johnny Heidt (a Green Bay fan) delivers the unbelievable story that Brett Favre is back for yet another season with the Packers.  As Mischke muses over this latest development, Johnny ends up pushing things a little too far and ends up paying the ultimate price. 2:35

Antidepressants If you know a little about Mischke's medical history, this is a very interesting conversation between Tommy and Undertaker Fred.  It takes place in January of 1999, and Tom is in the midst of some severe medical problems.  He literally has a very lengthy list of physical ailments and no one is able to tell him what's wrong.  Mischke even ends up going to the Mayo Clinic where they perform a battery of tests, just trying to narrow down what could possibly be going on.  What makes this call interesting is that Tom mentions the latest test -- which involves antidepressants.  He is a little leery about this possible diagnosis and then expresses his relief when the antidepressants seem to do nothing for him.  Oddly enough -- it turns out Tommy actually was suffering from depression!  The sad thing is that they didn't discover it at the time and Mischke continued with a seemingly endless barrage of tests, scans, pokings and proddings.  Things just got worse from here -- much worse.  By the end of February, Mischke was in a bad way and was unable to work for the entire month of March.  He finally came back in April and the thought was that he had heavy metal poisoning and was on the road to recovery.  But the illness continued off and on until September rolled around.  By September, Tommy was such a physical and mental wreck that he disappeared from the airwaves altogether for the rest of the year.  In January of 2000, Mischke was finally able to resume the Mischke Broadcast -- much to the relief of many fans.  Depression was finally nailed down as the culprit and a long road to recovery was just beginning... 3:34

A Full Moon A couple of callers call in to talk with their favorite radio host -- Joe Soucheray. 5:04

Setting Up the Interview The listeners get a rare behind the scenes look at how Tommy sets up one of his infamous interviews. 4:02

The Back to School Special It's that time of year again and Mischke broadcasts his annual Back to School Special.  It's where all the kids go to hear about the latest fashions and trends for the upcoming school year. 2:00

The Shuffleboard Queen The Shuffleboard Queen is a rare, one-of-a-kind rappin' grandma.  Unfortunately, she does not perform one of her infamous raps during this particular phone call.  But you can get a real sense of her personality as you listen to her and Tommy have an interesting conversation. 9:44

Food Porn Mischke discusses America's unhealthy obsession with terrible, unhealthy, fat-laden fast food. 6:07

I Only Drink at Home Mischke talks with Jerry.  Jerry is at home.  Jerry's at home a lot.  I mean, he really spends the vast, vast majority of his time at home. 6:33

Mischke -- the Professional Spokesman Tommy's three-quarters of the way down the hallway when he suddenly realizes he's supposed to be back in the studio doing a live ad! 1:14

A Breath Defying Stunt Some Brits are impressed when their drunk buddy holds his breath at the bottom of a pool.  I mean he holds it for a really long time.  A really, really, really long time... 3:05

Diplomatic Talks with North Korea Mischke imagines the farce that must take place when you're in a room trying to hold diplomatic talks with a bunch of North Koreans. 3:54

Stupid Line If you're a long time listener, you might remember a time back when Tommy Mischke worked with the late, great Don Vogel.  During those years, they often ran a bit called  "Stupid Line".  The concept behind the bit is pretty much explained in the title.  Stupid Line involves people calling into the program and being as stupid as possible.  Here's a little sample of what that was like. 8:51

Old Habits are Hard to Break Former KSTP'er Jason Lewis is back in town, but some people can't get used to the fact that he is no longer on AM 1500.  So when people hear him on the radio, some folks still call the old number he was at -- the number for AM 1500.  When some poor soul does this, he finds himself speaking with Tommy Mischke instead of Jason Lewis. 1:39

Medallion Madness Every year during the St. Paul Winter Carnival a medallion hunt takes place.  This year, it was found in record time -- after only three clues were given out by the local paper.  So the paper decided to hide a second medallion.  Mischke had some recommendations about how to use this to your advantage and make some quick, easy money in the process. 2:01

Mark Moeller -- A Hearty Minnesotan We're in the heart of a Minnesota winter and Tommy Mischke is stopped at a stoplight, chatting it up with Mark Moeller.  Trouble is the light is green, Mark is dressed only in shorts and a T-shirt, and the drivers stuck behind Tommy are none too pleased. 3:06

Subliminal Messages It turns out that Disney has been planting some rather questionable images in most of their animated films.  This fact inspires Tommy to conduct a little research in the field of subliminal messages. 2:54

Six Pack Peggy This particular call is unique in that it almost single-handedly defines what the night time Mischke Broadcast was all about.  It was about dealing with the odd, the insane, the drunks, and the eccentrics.  Six Pack Peggy possessed all of these qualities and then some.  Needless to say, this has been one of my favorite calls that I've ever heard on the Mischke Broadcast. 21:32

Play-by-Play Tommy Years ago, Mischke actually used to work with a television station and did play-by-play announcing for the St. Paul Saints.  Unfortunately, his style didn't jibe too well with the Christian station he was working for -- and one particularly unfortunate incident led to his ultimate firing. 8:49

Giuliani for President  Mischke sometimes has an uncanny ability to tell the future.  In this bit from almost nine years ago (October of 1998), Mischke talks about how Giuliani should be running for president.  Eerily enough, he also mentions how things are going "too easy" in New York City and that something "big" should be happening soon... 5:01

A Series of Unfortunate Events One afternoon, Mischke was broadcasting live from  Florida -- at the Minnesota Twins spring training facility.  During the broadcast, things were running along quite smoothly -- until good ol' Mother Nature threw a wrench in the works.  From there on out, there was trouble in River City! 3:17

Please -- Forgive Me Children! Mischke finally comes to terms with his own shortcomings. 5:34

Hell The Pope takes a little time out of his busy day to remind the folks, "Yoo-hoo!  Don't forget that hell is real and that hell is eternal and that if you ever should happen to find yourself in Hell -- that you will burn forever in an everlasting fire.  That's all. Have a nice day." 2:36

Vicious Cats A lady calls in and wishes to discuss a horrible news story where a policeman ends up having to shoot a cat.  The lady is extremely upset and disturbed by the event, but -- oddly enough -- she is even more outraged that Mischke hasn't heard the news story she is referring to. 13:58

Looking for the Right Moment Tommy tries to figure out how in the world you would ever know which moment is the "right moment". 10:15

Depressing Shows A lady calls in to complain about Mischke's depressing show -- and this lady knows depression.  Her name -- Virginia.  Oh and by the way, she's also got a message for Joe Soucheray.  And she'd like to deliver that message in song.  And she'd like to deliver that message on a completely unrelated radio program -- The Mischke Broadcast.  All this might sound a little bit odd, but it's just another typical call from our old friend, Virginny! 4:41

Postal Freaks Tommy lets his listeners in on a little secret.  We've all heard the term "Going Postal", but there's a little more to it than that.  It turns out that postal workers are some of the most twisted, freakiest people you will ever come across! 4:15

Severe Weather Awareness Week Mischke often uses his program to help provide a service to the general public.  One year, during Severe Weather Awareness Week, Mischke gave some most helpful tips to the listeners. 3:39

A Jeweler's Dream With just one phone call, Mischke makes all of a salesman's dreams come true. 2:05

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.