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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

Could you Spell That Please? Mischke is bored--can you guess who he calls??? 5:23

Stephanie's No Idiot Tom gives some advice to an eleven year old girl. 2:10

Self Esteem Issues Mischke shows his vulnerable side. 3:14

Patty and her Dogs Tom talks to (and provides hope for) Patty and her dogs. Really. 3:41

Heroic Rescue Attempts Mischke regales the listeners with stories about heroic rescue attempts from the past. 2:56

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed.  This is a young T.D. Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show back in the late '80's. 1:58 Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

Tommy's Late for Work Again Tom is infamous for pushing his luck and arriving at the studio literally seconds before his show starts. This clip immortalizes the evening when Tommy pushed his luck a little too far... 12:17

Would You Like to be on the Air? Mischke goes to great lengths to make sure callers are comfortable with being on the air. 0:58

Dial Pound Star Mischke dials pound star and can't figure out why he's always getting a busy signal.  Luckily, he's got some operator friends to help him straighten the whole thing out. 3:31

Deadly Storms Tom tries to reassure his boys during a severe storm. 3:03

New Hampshire is Number Two Mischke calls New Hampshire to try and confirm whether or not they are number two in terms of beer consumption. 6:49

Urinating in Public Tom weighs in on some heavy issues. 2:04

Domestic Dispute Mischke divulges how he handles trouble on the home front. 2:24

The Last Peanuts Strip Tom does anything for the listeners! 1:41

American Pimp Tom reviews some great movies you might want to take a date to. 3:39

Good April Fools Jokes Mischke goes over some great pranks you can pull for the big day! 2:55

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed.  This is a young T.D. Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show back in the late '80's. 4:26 Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

Sorry, You're Breaking Up A caller is having some troubles with his cell phone, but Mischke shows no mercy. 1:42

Christmas Songs Mischke talks about some of his favorite old Christmas tunes and then goes on to reveal his very favorite... 4:17

Julie the Brewery Worker Julie calls in and talks about her experience as a brewery worker, back during the second World War. 5:46

Seatbelt Laws Tom discusses the "importance" of the seatbelt laws in Minnesota. 2:52

The German Chancellors The German Chancellors have a rich tradition of keeping in touch with reality.  Despite being the ruler of Germany, most keep their old homes, do their own grocery shopping, and even keep up with their former jobs. 3:08

Scarred for Life Mischke puts a caller through a horrible experience and ends up scarring him for life. 2:42

Dave Dahl is Dead Wrong! Dave has the nerve to forecast rain during the Grand Old Days Festivities! 7:55

Fireside Chats Tom imagines one of FDR's Fireside Chats going horribly wrong... 1:41

Whitehead--Why do you Ignore Me?! Tom hassles an announcer during a public service announcement. 1:01

Thoughts on Golf Mischke frankly discusses his feelings about the so called sport of golf. 4:46

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed.  This is a young T.D. Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show back in the late '80's. 1:34 Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

Tell Laura I Love Her On a previous post, I talked about a caller by the name of Laura who was quite gullible.  For a few months, she was completely in love with Mischke and the program--but this was the call that brought all that to a crashing halt! 4:25

May I Speak to Your Supervisor's Supervisor?! Tom is unable to use Star 69 to trace a call and can't figure out why. He calls the operator and tries going straight to the top to get some answers. 9:47

Tom and Nancy Fox's Mom Tom gives a call to the Threshing Queen--Nancy Fox's Mother. 8:41

Tommy's Take on National Tragedy This cut is from the beginning of the Mischke Broadcast on the infamous date of 9/11/2001.  The World Trade Center in New York City had been destroyed earlier in the day and, needless to say, all radio and television broadcasts were thrown aside as endless news reports demanded our attention.  Oddly enough, the Mischke Broadcast still took to the airwaves that horrible night.  Mischke gave an elegant monologue to start the show and then stepped aside to let his callers vent their anger, talk about their fears, or just express their sorrow. 11:11

Mischke's Musings A few years ago, Mischke was approached about taking his show nationwide through national syndication.  He agreed to try it--a deal was made--the show went national--and Tommy promptly went through a bout of depression and, quite frankly, self-destructed.  Throughout his national debut, nothing but repeats were aired as Tom battled depression. After two weeks of this, stations backed out, the deal was dropped and Tom reverted back to broadcasting only out of KSTP in good ol' St. Paul, Minnesota.  This sound byte takes place just a few weeks before the nationwide syndication was due to start.  Tom is confused about many things and has a rather frank discussion with the listeners. 17:53

Playing the Hitler Hits! The Black Sheep Broadcasting Network makes a sudden radical change with its radio format.  All Hitler--all the time!! 3:04

I Broke a Nut Tom talks with an interesting fellow that has a prosthetic leg.  Everything goes well at first, then takes a sudden turn for the worse... 6:40

Can I have a Free Shirt? Mischke bamboozles a listener trying to score a free shirt. 5:10

Mischke was Killed A listener learns of the horrible news. 0:30

Blow and Al This sound clip is a tribute to one of my favorite callers on the Mischke Broadcast -- a man simply known as "Al".  Unfortunately, Al just recently passed away from a sudden heart attack and I, for one, will sorely miss him.  I think any fan of the Mischke Broadcast can't help but grieve this loss.  When Al first started calling in, Mischke led the poor guy to believe that he (Mischke) was the official weatherman at KSTP.  Al fell for this hook, line and sinker and Mischke had more fun with this than should even be legal!!  This particular call is my favorite from the "Blow and Al" series of calls.  Enjoy. 26:31

Postage Stamp Prices Tom expresses his outrage with the United States Postal Service. 4:01

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed.  This is a young T.D. Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show back in the late '80's. 3:07 Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

Funny Fred A classic call with Undertaker Fred! 7:07

Basketball Miracle! Tom talks with a nine year old boy who is very excited about the basketball game his team just won--but by the end of the call--Mischke is a little worried about the kid's home life... 5:23

Virginia Going Deaf This is a call from a Mischke regular that was made back in 1999. Virginia used to call in quite frequently, but her calls suddenly stopped a few years ago.  Many might remember her as the yodeler. 6:57

Squaw The Idaho State Legislature decided they would not change the name of geographical features that used the word Squaw.  Tom discusses their reasonable decision. 1:37

Phoning Texas This one makes you wonder if Mischke has ever heard the phrase--Don't mess with Texas!! 2:26

America--the Land of the Pantywaists North Korea and China get tough with America. 2:12

In Search of Billy T.D. decides to try and call an old friend by the name of Billy.  Bill was a member of the 1927 Yankees baseball team and Tom attempts to make a call, just to see if the fella is still alive.  What results from this attempt is a long, strange and wondrous journey... 30:22

Gay Methodists The Methodist Church is split over the issue of homosexuality, so Tom tries to make a few suggestions--just to help out.  This riles a listener who ends up calling in and getting into a rather heated exchange with Mischke. 7:49

I Think You're Pretty Weird A caller states the obvious. 0:16

Cell Phone Safety Tom throws in his two cents during a PSA for cell phone safety. 1:00

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.