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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

Garage Logic Meets Mischke This sound byte comes from December of 2004--about a week before the release of Tommy's musical effort--Whistle Stop. Soucheray and the gang discuss Tom's upcoming CD release party and put our poor radio host through the ringer. 1:21

News from Memory Mischke puts his news guy to the ultimate test. 2:02

PSA Overload Tom has always been bothered by the extreme number of Public Service Announcements that have been pushed off onto his show. This was the night when he finally lost it. 3:00

Women and Glass Ceilings Tommy laments the fate of the poor ladies that keep bumping into these "glass ceilings" he has heard so much about. 3:23

Mischke's Early The notoriously late talk show host decides to wreak havoc with everyone else's life by going to them early. 2:33

Send in the Clowns! While an ailing Pope John Paul the II was hospitalized last Spring--some clowns tried to pay a visit. 4:36

Stop the Immigrants! Bob calls in and he is disgusted with all the dang-nabbed immigrants. For cripes sake--close the borders already!! 3:37

Presidential Debate This is a very old clip of the Afternoon Saloon with Don Vogel and Tommy Mischke. In this particular segment, they are talking about the presidential debate that had just taken place between George Bush (the first!) and Bill Clinton. That means this clip has to be from the Fall of '92 and I'm amazed by the clarity of this particular bit. It was donated by a fan of Don Vogel's. 2:41

Just Dial 6 Mischke experiments with what happens when you just dial 6. He is perturbed by what he discovers, so he calls the operator for some assistance. 3:35

Babs Recording Commercials If you're an AM1500 listener from the old days, you'll remember a lady by the name of Barbara Carlson that used to host various shows. She was insane, but very entertaining. Years ago, Mischke somehow got ahold of some hilarious out takes when Barbara was trying to record a commercial. Of course--he couldn't resist and aired them on his program. 1:39

Advice for Kids No joke--this is some serious advice for kids. If you have a child in your life that you care about, make sure they give a listen to this. 9:50

Happy News Happy news is tough to find these days. 3:29

Armed Wrestling A Swedish school decides that instead of fighting--they would promote arm wrestling as a way to resolve differences. Tom thinks this still puts the scrawny kids at somewhat of a disadvantage--so he promotes a policy of "armed wrestling" instead--to settle things once and for all. 3:42

Partying with Guns A couple of years ago, the Minnesota legislature approved a measure that would allow almost all citizens the right to carry concealed firearms. T.D. is looking forward to the day when it is finally legal, so he can go out and party with his trusty sidearm. 2:43

Caller Lets Mischke Down One of Mischke's listeners calls in to talk about how he literally spent hundreds of dollars patronizing a major sponsor of the Broadcast. Tom hopefully inquires about whether or not this gentleman had mentioned that the Mischke Broadcast had steered him their way. Unfortunately, it turns out that this fellow did not mention the Broadcast... 1:40

Where are the Callers? For some odd, inexplicable, completely unknown reason -- Mischke is having troubles getting any of the listeners to call in. 1:57

Attention All Units Mischke performs his civic duty and saves the public by alerting the police to some criminal activity. 2:26

Mischke Madness One night, Mischke started off his show by talking to a couple of the most insane, bonkers, completely mad people you could ever find. These two represent the typical callers to the Mischke Broadcast and are the very definition itself of "Mischke Madness". 1:54

Dear Abby -- Help!! A poor, hen-pecked hubby writes in to Abby to complain about his sex life. 6:08

Hi, How Are You? This clip immortalizes one of the most interesting and fascinating calls ever to be aired on the Mischke Broadcast. 0:54

Singing Sabrina A thirteen year old girl calls in to sing some of the most stunningly beautiful songs you've ever heard. 8:02

Tearing Down the Wrong House Tommy wonders how things must have gone down when a demolition crew accidentally demolished the wrong house. 3:20

Talking Smoke Alarms Tom gives his take on a new fangled invention--the Talking Smoke Alarm. 2:44

Are You Drunk?! Mischke answers to the obvious. 0:36

Chatting with the Operator Tom chats it up with various Directory Assistance operators. 9:34

Socrates--the Savior of St. Paul With the imminent sale of the Minnesota Vikings, I thought this made for an appropriate time to post this clip. About five years ago, there was a flake named Socrates who claimed he was going to buy the Vikings and build them a brand new stadium. Of course, the press bought it and were later proven to be fools because this guy was a complete lunatic and an utter fraud. This clip immortalizes the evening when Socrates called in to the Mischke Broadcast to try and plead his case. 6:11

Help the North Dakotans Around mid-November of 2001, the citizens of North Dakota suddenly learned of some sort of terrorist attack in New York City. If you can provide them with any further information, please give a call. 1:09

Paula Poundstone Mischke wonders what kind of comedy routine could possibly be put forth by a lady convicted of drug abuse and child endangerment. 1:59

GM Recall GM is recalling a couple of million cars due to some "minor" problems. 1:42

I Need the 411 on 911 Tommy's got a dire emergency on his hands--so of course he dials 411 to try and get the number for 911. 1:57

Mischke Helps Out Many years ago, an odd lady called in to the program to try and raise some money. There was no particular reason why she called in to the Mischke Broadcast--apparently, she was just randomly dialing all sorts of 1-800 numbers for radio stations. I think she appeared on Tommy's show just because I'm sure he was one of the few who would actually let her go on the air to plead her case. 8:51

Hitler in the South Mischke is fascinated by a story that reveals German U-Boats actually made their way up the Mississippi River back in 1942. He imagines what it must have been like when our Southern hillbillies met Hitler's boys. 4:37

What's with the Other Drivers?! It turns out that there are a lot of bad drivers in America. Trouble is, no one admits that they are the problem--it's always somebody else's fault. 3:03

Nancy Fox Loses It Nancy Fox is usually able to hold her own with Mischke--but this was the night when she finally lost it. 2:24

G.I. Joe T.D. talks about his G.I. Joe doll and how it is "quite different" from most of your "average" G.I. Joe's. 4:05

Jaw Bone Transplants Tommy talks about a new jaw bone replacement procedure that involves the use of a corpse. 4:05

The Mischke Broadcast Merit Badge As a public service, Tom is giving the girl scouts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try and earn the coveted Mischke Broadcast Merit Badge. 2:05

Campground Terrorist For awhile, this was rumored to be the very first Lukey call--back when the little fella was only four years old. But, Luke himself claims he did not make this call. Irregardless, it is a very entertaining call from a very talkative youngster. 3:58

A Call for All to Choose Their Sides Back in 2001, the United States began to retaliate for a little skirmish that all started when some planes flew into a few buildings. Americans were unsure how to react, who to attack or even if we should counter-attack. Muslims around the world were forced to decide if they should attack America and all it stands for--or whether they could co-exist with a country that they had noting but contempt for. Tom argues that it all boils down to good vs. evil--moral vs. immoral. Which side you are on might be hard to distinguish at times, but Mischke pleads a case for the United States of America. 17:29

Tommy's Depressed Tom argues with a caller who is under the belief that marriage never works. 2:18

A Long Call with Little Lukey If you're out carousing on Friday nights, you're missing some great calls from a ten-year-old boy named Luke. He only calls on Fridays because he can't stay up late on a school night. This particular call includes the usual crazy banter between Tommy and Luke--complete with a song or two. This is also a significant call because I believe it to be the longest call in Mischke Broadcast history. 42:29

My Boy Needs Eyes Al's got a few slogans to live by--you've gotta laugh and always be nice to kids and old people. One night Al called in to put in the good word for a Lions Club program where people can donate used eyeglasses for kids. Mischke decides to check the whole thing out and to see if the Lions Club would be up for helping even his kid -- a kid with some very special needs. 7:26

Tommy's at the State Fair The Minnesota State Fair will soon be upon us and, of course, Tommy will be broadcasting live from the Mighty Midway. Won't he??? 0:10

Nazi Radio On a nightly basis, AM 1500 makes a radical transformation and takes on the twisted moniker of Nazi Radio. 2:10

Admiring the Purple Skies Years ago, back when the Broadcast beamed live from the muddy ditches of Highway 61, three friends shared a very special moment... 1:15

Traumatized Tommy This segment originally aired on the Mischke Broadcast one week after the September 11th attacks. It is a very difficult piece to listen to as Mischke struggles to come to terms with several issues. This was really the confluence of numerous major events for Tom. Within the span of a few months, he had undergone a severe bout with depression, destroyed his shot at national syndication, and (like the rest of the nation) was just trying to come to terms with what the hell had been going on over the past few days. Mischke gives an emotionally charged monologue and the feeling is so raw, that I felt Tom should have some say if he actually wanted this particular sound byte posted. He has given his consent and I believe it is an important piece to hear because it takes place at a such a pivotal turning point for the Mischke Broadcast. 29:29

Homestead Mortgage This is an actual ad that an actual company paid a lot of actual money for. 0:58

Baby Abducted by Bear Tom fills us in on what really happened to a little baby that had been abducted by bears. 0:45

Surrogate Boyfriends Mischke gives some much needed hope to the male listening audience. 2:18

Bob De Niro Uh-oh... Robert De Niro is questioned about an international prostitution ring and attempts to explain this little bug-a-boo to the wife. 7:09

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.