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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

The Death of Undertaker Fred This is just another call out of the thousands that good ol' Fred made to the Mischke Broadcast.  But, what sets it apart from all the rest were some brief words between Fred and Tom concerning Fred's own death.  What makes this even more interesting was that this particular call took place almost a full decade before Undertaker Fred's death in 2007. Anyway, during this call, Fred describes what his own funeral is going to be like including what will happen, where it will take place and so on.  He goes on to make a request of Tommy and Mischke agrees to it and then the call takes a different tangent from there.  What's amazing about all this is that Fred's funeral ended up taking place exactly as he described it and Mischke ended up making good on his promise from so many years ago. 11:00

Depression Contest Mischke decides to hold a contest for some tickets to Twins Fest -- a Depression Contest.  Who woulda thunk it, but man, I think Tommy might have the market cornered when it comes to listeners with severe problems and depression. 11:36

Debunking the Grammar Lady The Grammar Lady is caught in a scandal we haven't seen the likes of since those nude pics. of Dr. Laura first surfaced... 8:23

Teeth for Sale Tommy is perusing the want ads when he comes across a fellow trying to sell his own false teeth. 9:19

Larry King Years ago, Larry King used to have a weekly column that ran in USA Today.  It would appear every Monday and most every Monday the topic would usually be about one thing and one thing only -- Larry King. 7:00

Bucket O Chicken Mischke ponders how Kentucky Fried Chicken can even continue to exist in this day and age. 2:28

Bomb Threats Tom wonders how anyone could ever take a bomb threat seriously. 7:13

Hey, Could You Turn My Lights Off?!! Mischke makes a simple request, but no one can be bothered to help him out. 6:16

Mischke and the Secret Service About a decade ago, Mischke ran an entire show where he came off as a right wing extremist -- so, in other words, he ran his show much like the rest of the station.  Anyway, this particular program so alarmed the public that the Secret Service was literally called in to investigate.  Whoops-a-freakin'-daisy! 10:14

The Jaded Jarhead A Marine calls in to pooh-pooh the efforts of some wimpy Army boys that ended up spending some time as Prisoners of War. 3:40

Valentines Vitriol A columnist tries to give some practical Valentines Day advice, but her readership ends up turning on her -- viciously. 6:18

Walking on Water Israel makes plans to build a submerged bridge on the Sea of Galilee.  That way, tourists can recreate the famous "walking on water trick" first performed by our Lord and Savior -- Jesus Christ. 3:48

Will I Am = Bill! Virginia calls in with a rather odd poem that she wrote and sent to the President of the United States. 5:37

Good Ol' Gramps Even an old Nazi war criminal is somebody's good ol' Grandpa. 3:14

The Demise of the Mischke Broadcast   Just click on this link and you can give a listen to the very audio clip that brought down the career of one of the most talented radio broadcasters to ever come out of the Midwest.  Tommy Mischke's fifteen year run with the Mischke Broadcast came to an abrupt end on December 5, 2008.  KSTP radio informed T.D. Mischke that they were terminating his contract due to an FCC violation.  Mischke made the mistake of airing a call to a television station's receptionist without first obtaining her consent.  KSTP claims this was the "official reason" why Mischke had to be fired, despite the fact that this was about the 3,452nd time that Mischke had broken this little rule.  Coincidentally, a few minutes later, Mischke went into a much deserved tirade against McDonalds.  Unbeknownst to Tommy at the time, KSTP and McDonalds were in the midst of negotiations for sponsorship of a KSTP/Minnesota Twins promotion for 2009.  One might surmise this might have ruffled some feathers, but who am I to jump to such conclusions...  This clip was recorded from the November 20, 2008 edition of the Mischke Broadcast.  For those interested, you can find the entire broadcast from that day over at the Unofficial Mischke Podcast Archives. 6:14

Pigs and Chickens This particular bit starts off innocently enough.  Tommy is discussing the folklore surrounding sailors and why they get tattoos of pigs and chickens.  But there's a listener out there who is none too happy that Mischke has decided to take on this most taboo of subjects... 7:14

The Great Cat Calamity  Let's just say if you're a cat lover -- you might want to skip this particular clip.  Really.  There's nothing to hear here.  Move along and check out the Lady from the Midway -- now that's some funny stuff! 3:24

The Lady from the Midway It's Tommy's last day of broadcasting from the fair and he's trying to wrap up the show.  An interesting lady from the Midway has shown up and has a song she'd like to play for Mischke.  Well, Tommy obliges and then spends the remaining few minutes of the show trying to get the lady to quit talking and actually play the song.  Unfortunately, she finally does start to play the song and then everyone realizes maybe it would have been better if she had just kept on talking. 5:53

Teeth STILL for Sale Mischke is perusing the classifieds when he comes across an ad for a fellow trying to sell his dentures.  What's strange is that Tommy had talked to this very same fellow several months ago, and back then he was trying to sell this very same pair of dentures.  So Tom decides to give a call and get to the bottom of what's going on here. 10:18 
If you'd like to hear the original call Mischke made to this fellow,  you can find it towards the top of Page 14 of the Mischke Broadcast Archives.

A Love Connection After almost a decade long absence, Auntie Orpha calls back in to the Broadcast and it turns out she has a new secret admirer. 7:31

Paul If you don't know who Paul is -- you're missing out.  Ever since Mischke moved to the daytime hours, Paul has been a frequent caller to the Broadcast.  He's an old golf pro that used to work with the stars out in Hollywood.  If you mention any celebrity from the past fifty years or so, odds are that paul has met the guy.  These days Paul is an 85 year old man, living by himself, up in Minnesota.  If you're ever listening to the Broadcast and hear a fellow that sounds like he's about 163 years old -- that would be Paul. 3:20

Whaddya Mean Bob Mortuary Bob kinda likes Tommy.  I mean, he really likes Tommy... 3:35

The Blind Date A woman calls in with one of the most horrifying first dates I've ever heard of.  Mischke feels sorry for her and tries to set her up with someone else. 17:23

Fixing the C-30 Flush Kit Some poor fellow is having technical troubles and calls his buddy for some help.  Unfortunately, he has mistakenly called in to the Mischke Broadcast and Tommy is more than willing to "help" out. 4:32

Hot News! John Heidt is trying to get through his news segment.  Trouble is that Mischke has set his papers on fire and it's a race to finish the news before the whole thing goes up in smoke. 7:15

I'm Sorry Dear If your spouse already kind of bugs you, I've got some bad news for ya.  Let's just say it's not going to be getting any better... 3:47

Loyal to the End Mischke gives a call to a severely ill fan of the Broadcast.  He tries to cheer him up, but let's just say that I think he may now have one less listener... 7:03

Methinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much Mischke confronts some protesters outside of the National Republican Convention in St. Paul. 2:22

Smokin' Joe Turns out that there's a "wild side" to the Mayor of Garage Logic! 1:33

Cancer America has had a "War on Cancer" for several decades now -- but it appears that we're no closer to winning the battle than when we first started.  Mischke has a heated discussion about this very issue with a Doctor that deals with cancer patients on a daily basis. 19:59

That's All I Need! This clip is interesting in that it might provide a little more insight behind the firing of Tommy Mischke at AM1500 KSTP.  This was recorded about three or four weeks before he was kicked out the door.  In the clip, Mischke is doing an ad for R.F. Moeller Jeweler when he suddenly starts poking fun at another advertiser that currently does business with KSTP.  Soon after the ad, Mischke is back doing his radio show when he suddenly takes a call cold.  If you were listening live over your old fashioned radio -- you never heard much of the call because the panic button was hit.  This clips out the last seven seconds of whatever was said.  But if you listened to the podcast, those seven seconds were never taken out and you get a glimpse of what might have been some trouble on the horizon...  This clip includes the full original ad along with the ensuing call that was edited out of the live broadcast. 1:43

No Free Lunch Tommy has some Twins tickets to give away -- but it turns out that there's no such thing as a free lunch. 5:09

Seizing the Day Mischke has an interesting call that ends in one of the most unusual ways -- the man has a seizure while talking on the phone.  3:27

A Cut Throat Competition T.D. is giving away Twins tickets again -- and this time they're going to the person that had the most interesting thing happen that summer.  Let's just say that this guy definitely had something interesting -- horrifying -- but interesting. 4:11

The Weather Report Mischke talks with his weather correspondent about the deadly Alberta Clipper headed our way! 2:42 

A Little Bit of 1950's Humor Some old school humor. 0:50

An Idol Dispute You should assess the crowd you hang with before voicing any opinions about American Idol contestants  3:08

Collapse of the Calypso Mischke comes back from break with an old John Denver tune.  What makes it interesting is the narration Mischke provides as the song progresses. 4:44

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are? Here's hoping that they're somewhere far, far away from Mischke... 0:50

JFK Assassination -- SOLVED! A newly discovered home movie sheds some light on what really happened that fateful day. 0:50

Lesbian Barbie Mattel may have created Barbie -- but they can't dictate who she is as a person!  FREE BARBIE!!! 3:15

Nails -- They're Not Just for Breakfast Anymore! A woman heads to the hospital 'cuz she can't quite figure out why her stomach is hurting. 1:34

Stairway to Heaven Dubai is building the tallest building in the world and it's tall -- I mean, it's really tall.  Really, really, really tall! 3:50

T.D. Mischke -- Antique Expert A fellow calls in to see if Mischke knows anything about an old German knife he has.  Who wouldda thought a talk show host from flyover land would know anything about antique German knives, but it turns out our Tommy is precisely the man this caller is looking for! 4:10

The Great Escape Calling all infants of the world -- break free now -- while you still have the chance! 7:01

The Headline Says It All A disturbing headline that you might want to mull over -- but only for a second or two. 0:56

The Urgency of an Emergency A man's wife isn't doing so well, so he gives a ring to 911.  Unfortunately, the 911 operator doesn't quite grasp the urgency of the situation... 6:25

Chimpanzee Rampage Mischke and his wife have stumbled across a chimpanzee, so they call in to a "chimp rescue operation" to get a little advice. 5:34

Are You Located in Area 51? Tommy has some conversations with various 411 operators and learns some very interesting things. 10:00

One Last Trip Down Memory Lane An elderly woman takes one last trip down memory lane before entering into hospice care. 4:59

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.